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Help Save farmers!

Help Save farmers!


Help Save farmers!

Help Save farmers!

Help Save farmers!


Contact Your Reps!

Help Save farmers!

Contact Your Reps!


Interstate Milk Freedom Act (H.R. 5410)


12-12-19 Take ACTION!

What does the the Raw Milk Freedom Act do?

This bill, once passed, will allow for farmers to transport unpasteurized milk across state lines. Often, permitted, licensed farmers who produce raw dairy products are prohibited from providing nearby urban consumers simply because the nearest city is across a state line. This bill will allow for farms to engage in local distribution and give consumers the freedom to choose the foods they need from the farmers of their choice.

5-31-19 PRIME Act Action Link!

Ask your Reps and Senators to co-sponsor the PRIME Act (bipartisan bill) in support of small farmers, improved local economy and better consumer access to local foods!

Official 2018 RB51 Vaccine-Related Illness Story

Miller's Biodiversity Farm RB51 Vaccine-Related Bacteria History

March 18, 2019

On Christmas Eve 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture placed a quarantine on all raw cattle milk that was not meant for pasteurization at Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Quarryville, PA. This was in direct response to a New York resident who tested positive for the RB51 vaccine-related bacteria and identified the farm as one of their sources for raw dairy products.

While the raw cattle milk was under quarantine, Dr. Wolfgang, PDA Director for the Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services,  began aggressive testing     Read full story here...


History of Raw Milk Ban - the Great Milk War!


Why are armed government agencies constantly raiding peaceful family farms for producing milk? How did the war on raw milk get to where it is today, and what is the solution to procuring one of nature’s greatest foods?

Milk, Whiskey and War!

Cattle have been domesticated for 10,500 years, and Europeans started drinking raw milk around 7,500 years ago. For thousands of years the consumption of fresh nutrient dense raw milk was never a problem, until recent history. With burgeoning large scale industry, came the need for more workers. Industrialized communities drew workers from farms and the countryside into the cities. These healthy people wanted their raw milk.  Read More here...


FDA Citizen Petition - Labeling & Transportation

Official Citizen Petition - Filed 04-26-17 interstate raw milk transportation. food farm

Petition Summary FDA Raw Milk Interstate Transportation Citizen Petition. food farm

Congressional Support Letter to FDA on Raw Milk

Congressional Raw Milk Letter to FDA (pdf)


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History of Raw Milk Ban - the Great Milk War!

Know The FACTS!

RB51 Vaccine-Related Illness

Official Story - 2018 RB51 Vaccine-Related Illness

RB51 Vaccine-Related Illness - Raw Story

A New Day For Raw Milk?

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